An eye-catching, professional cover design can contribute significantly to the success of your eBook. As most online retailers will display a very small version of your cover in search results and listings, it is vital that your cover works well as a “thumbnail” image.

Our eBook cover design service:

  • Premium Cover Design: Incorporating stock/library images as required, with Photoshop processing as needed, and with added title and author text.
  • eBook Cover Spec

    If you are providing your own cover image file, please follow these guidelines:

    • RGB, not CMYK
    • JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF file formats
    • At least 72dpi
    • At least 1400 pixels wide
    • At least 2100 pixels tall
    • Generally a width:height ratio of 1:1.5 is suitable
    Please note:
    • We do not usually include a back cover
    • Do not include a bar code or price information
    • Some retailers will reject a book if the title and author name on the cover do not match those provided as metadata

    The importance of good design is much discussed, and although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is wise to avoid the possibility of appearing on these lists:

    Far better to invest time, thought and budget if necessary, to creating the best possible advertisement for your work.

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